Culinary profiles

The World Food Travel Association identified 13 psycho culinary profiles as a way to explain how people make different food purchase decisions. For some, the eating experience is more about the bragging rights of experiencing the most exclusive restaurants. For others, it could be more about the ambiance or whether the restaurant uses locally-sourced ingredients.

All flours are not equal

Although durum wheat and soft wheat both belong to the wheat plant, there are considerable differences between them.The durum wheat grain has an elongated shape and has a particularly bright yellowish color. It is cultivated in clay soils with little humidity, not by chance it is a typically produced in Southern Italy and the Islands. It is less resistant to bad weather and difficult to adapt to areas other than those where it is generally cultivated.

On Easter Sunday in Emilia-Romagna

At Easter traditional habits and dishes are part of many Italian families. In Emilia-Romagna on Easter morning, it is served the typical “pagnotta”, a kind of sweet bread, along with hard-boiled eggs previously blessed from the priest, and with homemade salami. I also put on my breakfast table the “ciambella”, a kind of delicious local doughnut that reminds me of my grandma.