The World Food Travel Association identified 13 psycho culinary profiles as a way to explain how  people make different food purchase decisions. For some, the eating experience is more about the bragging rights of experiencing the most exclusive restaurants. For others, it could be more about the ambiance or whether the restaurant uses locally-sourced ingredients. The 13  psycho  culinary profiles are: Adventurer, Ambience;,Authentic, Budget, Eclectic, Gourmet, Innovative, Localist, Novice, Organic, Social, Trendy and Vegetarian. Because people like variety and food lovers are not all the same, consumers can have up to 3 out of the 13 major psycho culinary profiles. The same logic applies to destinations. For example, someone whose own profiles are Adventurer, Localist and Budget will respond favorably to a destination with the same profile. That same person would struggle to enjoy a destination whose profiles are Gourmet, Trendy and Innovative. Which culinary profile better identify you?