Cooking classes

“Practice is the best of all instructor, it is the matrix of all the teachings” (Pellegrino Artusi)

Here you can find my way of cooking that is also my thinking and responsibility to nature.




From my Kitchen offers intimate hands-on cooking classes at Grazia’s home in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna region, Italy.

Her passion is to encourage people to be able to make their own pasta at home with confidence, wherever they are.

We will prepare a two-course Bologna meal, using seasonal ingredients. Each 4 hour class has a maximum of 4 students.

You’ll receive a little cookbook with Grazia’s recipes and you’ll enjoy a full sit-down meal at the end of the lesson, tasting

what you  have previously prepared with your hands, plus the special touch of Grazia’s flavour .



Are your classes hands-on and safe?  


Yes – our classes are hands-on, coupled with demonstration-style teaching.

Everyone is situated at their own fully equipped working station around a worktable that accommodates the whole class (from 1 to 4 guests).

We work together as a group, with Grazia at the head of the table. During the 4 hour classes, the first 2 hours are spent learning to make the pasta, then you can enjoy a two-course meal prepared with your homemade pasta. 

This will allow you to savor the difference between dried pasta and home made, sipping on local wine and chatting.

Yes – our classes are safe. Most important, we care about your health. Safety COVID-19 measures:

 – mandatory face masks for guests to join the class; termoscanner for guests upon arrival; antibacterial gel available for guests; social distancing applied during the cooking class and lunch; rooms are cleaned and sanitized before and after the cooking class; 


How much are your classes?  


All of our different traditional pasta making classes start from 75  per adult.  From 2 to 5 people maximum.






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 Let's make the best of your time in Bologna with learning how to make authentic Italian pasta!

Vegetarian cooking classes are available, please ask for it.


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